Solar Energy in Redlands, California

Why Choose a Solar Energy System?

From saving money to saving the environment, switching to solar energy is a smart choice. You'll save money, enjoy freedom from utility bills, and produce clean energy for decades to come. A solar electric system is an investment that quickly pays for itself.

Feel good about yourself and make a positive impact on the world with a solar energy system. The average home system offsets more than 10,000 pounds of carbon dioxide, 44 pounds of sulfur dioxide, and 32 pounds of nitrous oxide every year.


• Reduce or Eliminate Your Electric Bill
• Enjoy Long-Term Financial Savings
• Add Resale Value to Your Home

• Lower Your Carbon Emissions
• Reduce Dependence on Fossil Fuel
• Initiate a Clean Energy Infrastructure for Future Generations

The World's Standard for Solar at Zero Down

With a SunPower® lease, going solar is available with no upfront expenses. You'll have the flexibility to buy your system later and—because SunPower has more than 25 years of experience and a proven record of industry leadership—you can rest assured that you're getting the best solar technologies on the market.

Additional Financial Information:

• System Maintenance, Insurance, & Performance Guaranteed for 20 Years
• Professional Installation from Our Best-in-Class Dealer Network
• Zero, Partial, or Full Prepayment Plans Available

• Customizable Monthly Payment Options
• Flexible End-of-Lease Options (Renew, Purchase, or Request a Free Removal)

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